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SOLID Principle in Javacript

What SOLID principle means to a Javascript developer

Hi folks,

At my current work, as a part of a program to learn and improve our skills as a developer, we pick a good book related to software engineering, read a chapter each week and discuss with the team on what we learnt, how it can be useful to the team.

Currently we are reading the book, Adaptive Code: Agile coding with design patterns and SOLID principles. We have been reading the book for some time, and the challenge we face right now is that none of us use C# at the work. We have mobile, web and systems teams and we primarily use java, swift, javascript and C. Language wise, it was a bad choice to pick this book; However the book is pretty good and well organized.

In Mobile team, we don't have any challenges in following the examples as C# & Java are OOP oriented. But our web team have challenges to grasp the concepts as they write in javascript (angularjs and node.js) which is functional oriented.

This is one good link that I found out,

Have anyone come across any other good examples, references, or books that you can recommend?

Also I would like to understand what SOLID principles means to a web developer who's writing in angularjs & node.js and how they can apply. Can anyone throw some light on this.

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