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Any suggestions for books to learn Functional Programming Paradigm

Need some recommendations to learn functional programming

Hi All,

As part of our educational program in my company, we have been reading books related to engineering practices. So far we have finished the following books,

  1. Code Complete 2,
  2. The Pragmatic Programmer,
  3. Learning Agile (O'Reilly),
  4. Adaptive Code (Microsoft Press)

We are small team of developers who works on iOS(moving to Swift), Android(Java, fighting for kotlin introduction), MEAN stack for web apps & services(Javascript duh!).

Can someone recommend any good books on Functional Programming Paradigm that you read and found useful?.

A quick search on internet throws bunch of books on Scala/Haskell. Language isn't too much of a challenge, however if there's any book on Javascript that would be great.

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